Adriatic depths of Montenegro and mountain landscapes inspire Galion’s modern, sleek and thoughtfully crafted menu, followed by the  wine list with carefully chosen labels from both old and new world. Focusing on local seafood, as well as the meat from our mountain peaks and pastures, we are following our ultimate goal to make people happy.


Dish recommendations

Beetroot Gravlax
This Scandiavian classic with a twist will definitely keep your taste buds intrigued. Salt, beetroot and sugar cured salmon along with dill and mustard dressing, beetroot juice reduction and espresso sponge will leave you wanting more.
Grilled Octopus
Always fresh and crispy, Octopus is definitely one of our picks
Tuna Ceviche
Fresh out of Peru, this South American dish with just a hint of Montenegro in it will amaze you. Coupled with avocado cream, orange, cucumber, tomato salsa and black crumble it is both eye pleasing and mouth watering at the same time.


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